Nova Lab’s Evolution Lab

This PBS series, Nova Labs, has a special Evolution Lab that introduces students to evolution and genetics. In the first part, “Build a Tree,” students assemble phylogenetic trees using fossil morphology, biogeography, and DNA sequences. Students will then learn more about the Earth’s broad evolutionary history as they study deep time and speciation in the second section, “Deep Tree.” The Evolution Lab offers educators a wide range of resources like an educator guide, a lesson planvideosvirtual lab games, and video quizzes. By using the Evolution Lab, students will gain knowledge about the construction of phylogenetic trees as well as understand the evidence for evolution.

The Evolution Lab is a great addition to an introductory unit on evolution, but to complete all the required missions, students should already understand the structure of DNA.

Resource Contributed by: Megan Danielle Neal, University of California, Irvine