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Thank you for your interest in contributing your teaching resource to the Teaching and Learning Anthropology’s companion website. The purpose of the website is to provide a robust body of resources related to teaching and learning the four fields of anthropology: cultural anthropology, archaeological anthropology, biological anthropology, and linguistic anthropology as well as areas of applied anthropology.

The expected readership for this website are anthropology faculty as well as students (both undergraduate and graduate) in higher education. Material published on the Teaching and Learning Anthropology companion website will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This means users are free to copy, adapt, and share your material as long as they 1) give appropriate credit, 2) use the material for noncommercial purposes, and 3) share any transformed materials under the same license.

There are two easy ways to submit your teaching resource: complete the form to the right or email a copy of your resource directly to Megan Daniel Neal: Website Content Producer: If you prefer to email your resource, we recommend downloading a copy of the submission form below to include in your submission. 

For inquiries or questions related to website content and teaching resources: Katie Nelson: Online Content Editor:

We look forward to receiving your teaching anthropology web resource!

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