Interactive Digs from Around the World

Thanks to the Archaeological Institute of America and Archaeology Magazine, your students can virtually join archaeologists on digs around the world! The Interactive Digs website enables students to learn about digs currently happening in Ireland, Greece, Italy, the United States, and Suriname. Each dig has field reports, videos, photos, interviews with the archeologists, and notebook entries that can deepen how students understand the complexity of real-world archeological investigations. Explore the website and you will also find these multimedia resources for sixteen additional past digs in places like Guatemala, Turkey, Crimea, and Bolivia.

Teaching Resource Contributed By: Megan Danielle Neal

Dig into History: Mesopotamia

In their project, Dig Into History, the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago gives students the opportunity to learn how archeologists work while taking a closer look at the rich history of Mesopotamia. Students begin by participating in a virtual dig in Iraq where they travel to find priceless artifacts. Once they are assembled, students will curate a museum where they have the chance to analyze and write about the artifacts as they learn more about everyday life in Mesopotamia.

These activities require you to have a flash plug-in, like the free one offered by adobe, downloaded onto your browser.

Resource Contributed by: Megan Daniel Neal, University of California, Irvine